“When I saw that I actually managed to lose 31lb with this app, I finally started to feel like I can reach my ideal weight and spend the summer feeling confident in my skin.

I felt anxious about my weight for as long as I can remember. While it seemed easy for others to lose the extra pounds, I felt like the odd one out because nothing ever worked for me. 

In March, I saw an ad for the Klinio app and decided to try it out. The difference was obvious from week one. I think it was the fact that the app allowed me to eat my favorite meals, just healthier versions of them, that made sticking to this program easy. 

In three months, I finally reached the weight goal I set for myself. I went down by three sizes! I feel so proud of myself every time I put on a bikini or buy a new sundress.

Klinio gave me the best summer kick-off I could imagine. Definitely recommended!” – Sarah 

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