“At this point, I can confirm that choosing Klinio for my weight loss journey was the best decision that I’ve made in a while. 

I started out this year with 202 lb and a type 2 diagnosis. My doctor insisted that I change my diet and lose the excess weight to bring my blood sugar down. I started trying immediately but didn’t get far – the diets were either impossible to stick to or the recommended foods were spiking my glucose level. 

Then I saw the ad for Klinio and decided to try out the app, mainly because of the personalized meal plan feature. I love the fact that I could do everything on my own terms: select the foods I like, adjust the portions, choose the time I want to eat… After a while, I also started doing the summer body workout challenge to burn some more calories. And it worked!

It’s been four months since I started the Klinio program. There were some missteps, sure, but I still managed to lose more than 35 lb. I don’t experience sudden blood sugar spikes anymore because this app helped me identify foods that are safe to eat. 

It’s time to renew my subscription, and I have no hesitation on my part. Klinio is definitely the way to go if you want to get a handle on your weight and nutrition.” – Jessica 

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